A special day


   February 21 was my birthday and also the day when I took my calligraphy grade test. These two things happened on the same day and both were very important in my life.

    I’m good at calligraphy and I have passed the 8th grade test, which means I’m on Level 8. There is one more level to reach. That is why I said it was important, because if I failed the 9th grade test, I would not have time to make up for it because of the heavy load of school work over the next two years.

    I am told that students in Grade 8 and Grade 9 are very busy with their school work every day and they have to take the high school entrance examinations before they go to a high school. So I had to be careful to prepare well for the calligraphy test.

    The test lasted three hours. I had prepared for it for 12 days. After I finished the grade test, I was very happy to enjoy my birthday with my friends. We ate pizza, drank black tea and played computer games. You see, there was a lot of fun waiting for me

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besides the serious test. What a day!

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