Love remembered

2009-Feb-2, 08:28

Remember love on the road. Think the best love is that two people become a companion each other.
Don't fetter, don't twine, don't occupy, don't wish eagerly from excavating the meaning on the other side's body to, that is destined to want the failed thing.
And should, both of us, stand, together, see in these lonely human world side by side.
There are two independent rooms, work in the room each.
Look for the cafe to have supper together.
Can have while taking a walk much.
Feel safe while embracing together.
Do not interfere the other side's freedom. Even if he is still contacting girl friend in former days.
Explain each other wrong. The explanation is the asking for in a disguised form.
Very dull. Very familiar with. It seems that his smell is yourself's smell on one's body.
No matter when and where it is, leave each other a distance.
Can leave at any time.
While thinking quietly, even he is at one's side, as if alone.
Identical life is sampled. Including the clothes, the record, perfume, the food,etc..
Will not remember the other side very much, but when being tired, it is known that he is a family.

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On the tail of passing time

2009-Jan-19, 02:08

    The cold wind blows furiously wantonly, the state of mind in disorder, the hair in disorder, the scenery in disorder, the appearance severe cold in apparent winter to the limit, everything shows to the limit bleak and desolately, green leaves are out, the safflower pavilion, the samsara of another season, the transition of another annual ring, originally, we had already stood on the tail of passing time 

    The pedestrian wraps up all of oneself, so as to resist the cold, there are parcels of warm clothes, our body no longer feels cold. However, one's heart, if feel cold, a kind of thing can make her warm, a kind of thing can let her ache because of being cold, is there a kind of thing to feel happily warmly her?

    Though someone will say there is no grief greater than the death of the mind, however, love, can save all, the heart that you die, you have ice-cold heart, the heart of your hatred. Love, can persuade everything, love, can overcome all, love, let us know the living meaning, love so-called greatly boundlessly. Parcel health, let us find heart a warm landing to click too, this cold winter, open our heart wide, open the heart door, in face of the orbit that loves, light the hope of the love, the temperature of the warm love, the heart needn't have the painstaking parcel again, already warmly. Because there is love, because is benevolent, because the heart has no distance, the heart without distance is enough to resist any cold, because the heart without distance unites two into one, the warmth like this, the happiness like this, beauty like this.

    Golden yellow fallen leaves are hit on the face once in a while, feel some slight chill in the air, but the feeling of the other style. Step on slices of fallen leaf under the foot, resume, look up at, tree, leaf, wind, see leaf in struggle and yearn for, wind taking away merciless, the tree, can only follow leaves with one's eyes with the sad and dreary posture, expect spring is in the air and the flowers are in blossom, expect to reunite again. This it is one have no option that part, this it is one that full of love and what has been thought part, this is once the one that met again expectantly parted. The tree stretches out that vigorous and strong hand, stroke the cheek of the leaf gently finally, bid farewell at this point, wave room, already the wind belt before disappearing among the visual fields of the tree leaf, at last, tree shed the next drop of tears, full of lovesickness and care tears, looked forward to the meeting next year.

    In this passing time  , sow a lot of seeds, can not reap the proportional fruit. However, life is like this, impossible everything is directly proportional to. The course is important, take root, sprout, as a result, the federation is exposed to wind and rain, always receive some wounds, however, after all, we can reap, it is difficult, it should be lucky.

    On the tail of passing time, release one's own mood, let heart hovering free, free breath, free searching is happy.

    On the tail of passing time, put down all burdens that should be put down, delete the memory that should be deleted, unload the brain residues that should be unloaded, keep the happiness that should be kept, back up forever happy happiness, stride into the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of new round easily. As you opened that door of new prediction of a person's luck in a given year, different feeling, different mood slowly, different scene, on this tail of prediction of a person's luck in a given year, long for new prediction of a person's luck in a given year like this, think of the new our new life of prediction of a person's luck in a given year diligently.

    On the tail of passing time, we always check our life, our study, our work, our emotion. Always remember some is passing, those persons who we love and love.

    On the tail of passing time, all harvest all making us sober, does not forget the confused one fast, if there is love, confused love, surpass the sober love. Some things, we needn't know too much, it is all right to have love, if like not having, why know so many thing? Have understood what there is to use so much truth? Love, need silly silly sometimes, if too rational, glamour that like can reduce greatly perhaps. However, before not loving, it is must sober know there aren't the other side. Otherwise unfortunate at the beginning, course although fine, result tragedy, leave sentimental all.

    Time passes swiftly like flowing water, passing time is like water, all alls, have gone such as the same flowing of water, take the post as how you urge to stay, everything has already been settled. With the best state, in this tail of passing time, treasure and treasure, forget and forget.

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